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1:57 am

Dr. E. Pourshirazi in Phoenix, AZ Now Offers Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Therapy in Oral and Periodontal Surgery Procedures at Guaranteed Dental Solutions

The advanced bone starter kit treatment, which has already gained acceptance through studies and success…

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11:47 pm

Vertical Bone Graft with Mesh

There are many types of bony defects that are necessitated in the dental world. The…

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11:11 pm

Sinus Lift

On occasion, you will need a very different type of bone graft, one that goes…

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9:19 pm

Guaranteed Dental Solutions Guarantee

Our Amazing, World Class Guarantee
We want you to feel confident in your decision to visit…

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4:41 pm

Block grafting

There are some circumstances when a patient needs a significant amount of bone width and…

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1:52 am

Dental Implant Basics

Your dentist tells you that you need a dental implant. You are confused as to…

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1:04 am

Ridge Augmentation

Oftentimes, a bony defect can occur in the place of a previous extraction site that…

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12:58 am

Immediate Loaded with Bone Implant

In certain circumstances, when a dental implant is placed, there will not be enough bone…

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12:38 am

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting prior to or during your dental implant procedure may be a “necessary evil”.…

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