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Frenectomy Can Improve Aesthetics & Provide Functional Benefits 

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Sometimes, during our natural development, there are areas of lowered “skin” attachment on our gum tissue. For one reason or another, this tissue will need to be removed. This procedure is called a “frenectomy”.

This procedure can need to be completed for three main functions and two main causative factors. The three main functions usually treated with frenectomy are pre-orthodontic therapy, esthetic treatment and being tongue-tied. All three of these are treated here in our Phoenix office by our Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctors.

If the treatment is for pre-orthodontic therapy, it will be to not only release the “skin” attachment, but also the underlying muscle attachment. This muscle attachment needs to be removed from the bone. Your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor is well trained to do this procedure and has many years of experience in doing so.

If esthetic treatment is the desired outcome, the gum attachment must be removed and so must the underlying muscular attachment, once again. This time, it is not for bone grown purposes like in orthodontic therapy, but rather for prevention of future gum reattachment.

If you are tongue-tied, this is a common procedure that can be alleviated here in our Phoenix office as well; however, this is a procedure that should be done by someone with much experience such as your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor. This is due to the many vital structures in the area, such as the lingual arteries.

If you live in the Phoenix area and you need to have a frenectomy, call us today for an evaluation for a treatment plan! We would love to have you as a part of the Guaranteed Dental Solutions family!

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