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A Sinus Lift Can Safely Create Space for Dental Implants

Graphic depiction of an implant placed in the upper arch after a sinus liftOn occasion, you will need a very different type of bone graft, one that goes inside of your bone. This is called a sinus lift procedure. This is only determined upon radiologic, or x-ray, examination. The need for this occurs when the desired outcome is for a dental implant or implants are to be placed in the upper jaw, there is adequate bone in all directions, but the maxillary sinus comes too close to the desired area of placement. In this situation, what can be done to alleviate this problem? To answer this question, there are two types of procedures that are commonly performed by your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctors here in Phoenix to get you back on your desired path of dental implants.

The first step in a sinus graft procedure is, like with any other procedure involving bone of the head and neck, to get a Cone Beam Computerized Tomograph, or CBCT. This is a wonderful piece of state-of-the-art equipment that we have right here in our Phoenix office. We do not have to send you out to an imaging center for this procedure. We can have it done immediately and start your treatment planning right away.

Upon a thorough medical, dental and radiologic evaluation, a full treatment plan can be developed with your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor, with you being the “quarterback” of it all. You will always have final say in what your needs and desires are here at Guaranteed Dental Solutions.

Following treatment plan development, you will schedule a surgery date for one of two options of a type of sinus graft procedure. The first being a vertical and the second be a lateral window approach. Both achieve the same desired result. Let’s take a look at both procedures and how they differ slightly from one another.

The first approach, vertical sinus grafting, or crestal approach, is just that, it is lifting the maxillary sinus from the crest of the bone. It is done using a series of specialized tools that gradually get bigger. These tools are called osteotomes. As these tools move your natural bone upward to your sinus, it will lift your sinus membrane. In the space created by the osteotomes, grafting material will be placed, allowing for continual lifting and pushing of the sinus membrane. Over time, the graft material that was left between the sinus membrane and the floor of the original sinus will become new bone. The drawback to this approach is that you must have a minimum amount of native bone before you can proceed with this procedure. This is something that will be discussed in our Phoenix office at your complimentary consultation with your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor.

The second approach is what was the original approach to sinus grafting. This is the lateral window sinus augmentation. In this situation, all of the preparation is still the same. You still get the same radiologic evaluation. You still get the same treatment planning completed. The difference is in the actual treatment. Instead of accessing your sinus and membrane via the crest, it is done through a small window of bone through the side of the upper jaw. After accessing the maxillary sinus in the site where the graft is necessary, the membrane is teased off of the floor of the sinus by hand. This is a very delicate procedure. Your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor is very experienced in doing these right here in the Phoenix location. Once the “room” has been made in the sinus for graft material, a grafting material can then be placed. The graft that was placed will then become bone over time.

In some circumstances, you can have dental implants placed at the time of your sinus grafting procedures. This is a topic that needs to be addressed at your complimentary consultation in our Phoenix location. Call today to schedule! We look forward to having you as our patient and a member of our dental family!

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