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Ridge Augmentation Can Treat Bony Defects in Dental Implants Patients

Graphic depiction of ridge augmentation resultsOftentimes, a bony defect can occur in the place of a previous extraction site that can lead to difficulties in future dental implant placement or restorative treatment planning options. In these circumstances, your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor may suggest a procedure called ridge augmentation be performed prior to dental implant placement or continuing with any future treatment plan.

The ridge augmentation procedure itself is a restorative procedure, but on a surgical level. The bony defect must be accessed first to evaluate the defect. This is done by lifting the gums from the defect.

Your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor at that time will decide what is the best option to repair the bony defect. Sometimes, if it is a minor defect, it can be repaired with a bone graft and possibly a resorbable membrane if necessary. Other times, a much larger graft may be necessary, and larger and more complex grafting materials may be necessary. In these cases, your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor may decide to choose such materials such as platelet rich plasma, or PRP, or platelet rich fibrin, or PRF, to fill the defect.

In any case, the defect be on its way to its way to having a much better esthetic and functional presence than when we began. Sometimes, even with limited bone, your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor may still be able to place a dental implant at the time of ridge augmentation. To determine this, we will decide by taking a Cone Beam Computerized Tomograph, or CBCT, which we have in-house. This allows us to see your bone in three-dimensions, in real time. If your medical and dental circumstances are such that your dental implant can be placed that day, your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor will place it for you.

Phoenix, if you have lost bone and this treatment modality sounds interesting to you, call us today to schedule your complimentary bone regeneration and implant evaluation. We look forward to having you as our family!

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